Changes in the Kitchen & a New Wreath

                                                                Hello everyone,
                                Yesterday, I made a few changes in the kitchen before starting to decorate our bedroom. This bay window has had several different looks over the years-I know, I like to play house a little too much. Any way, we moved the chaise that was here up to  our bedroom and put this little cabinet that I painted white into the bay. I put up the longer curtains as the evenings are dark now so I didn't like the blackness of the windows at night. That makes sense doesn't it! My husband has noticed that I love change(a little too much) so I have to justify myself !!!

                       I got this beautiful hand crafted wreath from Lise a friend of my daughters and if you would, like to have one too you can order one  by contacting Lise at
  I love how it looks on the mirror in the library.

                     But it also looked good in the kitchen on the old shutters.

           Leise also makes these adorable sock monkeys and has a limited number available for anyone on the Island who would like one for a little one. The sweet little one hugging this one is our grandson Lucas and he is NOT for sale!   Contact Lise at

Thank you for visiting me and please let me know if you like change too so my husband will know I am 'normal' after all!!! 
note: if you leave a comment saying you are happy to leave everything the same- I will have to delete your comment Ha! Ha!

I am joining Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesday and French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday.

Take care,


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