Garden Close Ups

Hello everyone,

Since I took you on a tour of the garden yesterday, I wanted to share some close up shots today of some of the plants blooming in the garden now.

Well, first I wanted to share my garden bouquet in the watering can that I painted pistachio green.

Our holly hocks are blooming now.

These orginated from seed my Dad gave me a long time ago. They keep reseeding and popping up nearby.

I guess the bees like them too!

The phlox is putting on a good show- I have many different varieties in many different colors.

I love some of the new coneflowers and would like to add more to the hillside garden.

I love the Limelight hydrangea that is starting to bloom now and will continue for weeks.

Another coneflower that I bought last year.

There is also lots of astillbe in bloom is different colors.

The ville de lyon clematis looks pretty growing over the birdhouse.

Clematis 'Abundance' lives up to it's name and blooms abundantly.

Clematis Jackmani superba

Beebalm is loved by the bees and the hummingbirds as well as the gardener!

More phlox

Another Jackmani superba

I love the bicolor monkshood with the clematis behind it.

there are hundreds of daylilies in bloom now.

The Mary Rose is still putting on a show.

Well, these are a few closeups of what is in bloom now . I have a few ladies coming to see the garden in the morning so I better get to bed so I can get up early and do some deadheading before they come!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend,



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