Whimsy in the Garden

Hello everyone,

We are having an amazing summer here on the Island with lots of sunny hot days(but not too hot) and cooler evenings. It has been awhile since we had a summer this lovely.

Today, I am sharing some whimsy in the garden. Every garden needs a little touch of whimsy don't you think? the little woman above was a gift from my daughters last year and she is sporting my apron and straw hat .

I love this little fairy that moves around the garden.

Our garden is large so we have a few statues to add some interest here and there.

I got this old cement birdbath at the Restore a few weeks ago.

A pretty teacup adds a little whimsy to the garden.

I love birdhouses and find them hard to pass up.

This old iron stove was sitting on the side of the road for junk day a couple of years ago- a little spray paint and a Fairy rose and it added some interest to this corner of the garden.

What could be more charming then a real little fairy in the garden?

I like to have a few birdbaths scattered around the garden.

A mirror behind the statue adds a little intrigue.

I love this birdhouse from tjmaxx.

The same spraypaint on this obelisk draws the eye into this bed.

A place to put some seed for the birds and welcome you into the garden.

The little woman decked out for a wedding- our grandneice and nephew were in a wedding recently and they came to the garden for photos so I thought it would be fun to add more whimsy.

I love this birdhouse also.

Mary tucked into the virginia creeper.

Cute little cement rabbit.

And finally this bicycle from our local Winner's and spray painted pistachio green adds some whimsy as it gets moved around the garden.

Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers for my Mom. It has been a difficult road for Mom as at 87 bowel surgery is always major. I am happy to say that Mom is showing improvement but it will be slow. She still has a tube in to drain her stomach and has not had anything to eat in 12 days except a little sugar and water in her iv. She was smiling today but we are still waiting for that cup of tea-hopefully tomorrow! I pray after going through all that she has, she will make a good recovery and be back at the home where she has lived for the past few years.

Thank you so much from Mom and I for your kindness. I have not had much time for playing with my camera lately but these are some pics from over the summer.

Take care,



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