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Iz and I met when I was a Swedish exchange student at his High School in Oregon. That was 12 years ago, today we live together in Boston and two weeks ago we got married at my family's summerhouse in Sweden. We had the time of our couldn't have turned out more perfect! Since more than half of our guest were traveling from the US and other countries we had three days of activities, including a visit to an island and boat tour of the Swedish Westcoast archipelago, mushroom picking in the woods, kayaking competitions, and lots of sauna time and dips in the ocean (with magical glowing plankton). Every moment was perfect and we are thrilled that our family and friends, especially from the US, were there to share all those Swedish summer experiences!
Photos by our amazing photographer .Mikaela Rudhner.

Our wedding day was a unique mix of Sweden meets America (with a hint of Brazil). It was full of classic Swedish snaps singing and drinking, Brazilian and Swedish-themed food and outstanding dancing.

Guests arrived to the summer house by boat captained by our good friend Erik, and we arrived last. The ceremony was held on the lawn looking out on the beautiful Swedish coastline. My very close and incredibly talented friend Tina did my hair and made my beautiful bouquet that morning.  Tack Tina, du är bäst!

August is crayfish season in Sweden, so we decided to make our first course into a crayfish party with bibs, snaps and lots of singing. There was singing for sure......just as we had started eating we were surrounded by a singing men's choir serving the snaps!! It was a surprise from my parents and it instantly kickstarted the party. And the night continued on from was magical!

A huge thank you to our families and friends who made all this possible. WE LOVE YOU!!♥

Photographs by our amazing friend .Leonard Lee.  (Invitation design: by me)
  Snapshots from our photobooth.

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