Touring the Island

Hello everyone,
I hope you are enjoying these lovely summer days. I have been playing tourist and enjoying some of the beauty close to home the past few days.
I will take along -through my photos.
The above photo was taken shortly before sunset on a beautiful evening in the little fishing village of North Rustico.
A close up of the same shot above.
The lighthouse in the same village.
The deep sea fishing boats coming in for the night.
Just leaving the village-the water was so peaceful.
The next day I went with a friend to the French River area.I am not sure what the crop is growing in these fields but it looked so pretty.
This is one of the most photographed fishing harbors on the Island.
This lighthouse is near Springvale-where we went for a walk on the beach.
Red rock cliffs.
The following day my husband had to see a client in Summerside, so of course I had to go along. these are charming little summer shops along the harbor that I enjoyed strolling in and out of.It was another beautiful sunny day with a beautiful sky.
The Summerside marina is just behind the shops.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch upstairs in a pub overlooking the marina -watching the sailboats go by.
It was so beautiful to sit out there that I would have enjoyed it even if the food wasn't good but it was delicious.
I saw lots of beautiful summer homes along the way. I love the privacy and the amazing few of this one with it's weathered grey shingles.
We passed by the birthplace of Lucy Maude Montgomery auther of the famous Anne of Green Gables books.
It has a charming porch.
And we enjoyed sitting by the seaside reading a good book. We don't have any tours for awhile and with summer getting shorter I am enjoying being a tourist on our own fair Isle!
I hope you enjoyed touring along with me!
Thank you to all who have visited me lately and left such nice comments-I enjoy hearing from you.
Take care,


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