A Blast of Color!

Hello everyone,
   I just popped in to share some colorful pictures of our garden that I took mostly last summer but a few are older ones. I see from reading blogs that many of you are starved for color so I thought I would give you a little shot of color today. I am starting to get excited about the return of the garden but living in Canada I know I will have to be patient for awhile yet, but still I enjoy looking back at past summer with a cup of tea in hand.
The photo above is our allee garden path- the lovely blue is six hills giant nepeta .
The arbor that my husband built several years ago.
Graham Thomas - a beautiful David Austen English rose.
The rose blooming here is Therese Bugnet- a hardy no fuss rose.
our garden  in June.
Phlox gives a good shot of color in August and September.
Lots of color in the mid summer garden
I love these tree peony blossoms- they are the first of many peonies to bloom in our garden.
Love that first shot of color in the spring garden!
How I look forward to lilac season!
I am looking forward to picking bouquets from the garden again.
Love this Japanese peony but sorry I have forgotten the name so I call it beautiful!

How I love those big beautiful peony blossoms.
The garden in full bloom.
Miss Kim lilac standards in the foreground and a Canadian lilac behind.
Vile de Lyon clematis growing up around a birdhouse.
August has so much color in our garden.

One last blast of color for you- a beautiful bouquet!

Well, now since you probably already know I love to show off our little bit of garden paradise I am joining Hakan (who has a beautiful rose garden paradise) for Show off Saturday over at Maleviks Rosentradgard in Sweden. This is my first time entering and there is so much beauty-garden and otherwise to see.

Thank you for visiting me today,

Enjoy your weekend,



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