Mosaic Monday

 Hello everyone,
       It is a beautiful sunny cold winter day here on the Island but can you believe January is over already. The sun will feel stronger soon and the days are already noticeably longer so spring will be here before we know it! I am starting to go through my garden photos with pen and paper nearby to write down little improvements that I want to make in the different areas of our garden. So, as I was going through the garden photos(and I have thousands of pics) I put together a few mosaics to share. Above are some peonies from the garden- I look forward to picking some bouquets of them again come June.

These were some of my favorite shots.
Although I enjoy winter it is a season I am never sorry to see it over so I can see the rebirth of our garden. There is such a thrill to seeing the first shoots poking through the ground, knowing color is about to burst to life.
I love this shade of green in the summer garden!

Well, all this talk of gardening makes me want to get some little projects done in the house so I will be ready to get out in the garden when the season arrives. When I look outside our windows though, I know I will have to be patient for awhile yet.
   I am joining Mary at the Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. There are lots of mosaics to enjoy there.

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