Indoor Beauty!

  Hello everyone,
      I hope you are all having a good week. We have been enjoying some bright sunny weather here even through it is a little frosty. I have been enjoying the beauty of  a couple of amaryllis and some paperwhites that are blooming now. I love that there is still some beautiful blooms that I can watch grow and bloom even in winter.
This is in our sun room that has old single pained glass so they frost up on chilly winter nights. I like the sparkle they give behind the blooms.The cherub statue came in from the garden.

On cold nights I have to take the plants in for the night as the sunroom would be too cold.

the paperwhites in bloom
macro shot- I really need to practice more with my macro lens. If anyone has any tips I would love to hear them. Some people have asked what camera I use and it is a Canon Rebel.
The top one is appleblossom but I forgot to save the name of the other one.

macro again

this orchid has been blooming for months now.

This is a new double ameryllis that I just planted- they are on clearance now.

If you haven't already grown these I think you should give them a try as they are easy to grow and so beautiful in flower with each stalk producing at least 4 flowers and each bulb has 2 or 3 stalk. The blooms will last for a few weeks especially if kept in a cooler place at night.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our indoor beauty and when my double one blooms I will be sure to share it's beauty!
I am joining Cindy today for Show & Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.

I hope you have a great weekend,



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