Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday!

        I think some of you know that I love teacups and have a pretty good assortment of them. So since it is Pink Saturday I dug out a couple of pretty pinks.

I love the sunshine that we had today after the storm yesterday, it wasn't really a blizzard type of storm like we used to get in the good old days but I know a few little ones who were happy to have a day off from school anyway!

I went up to the sunroom today and gave it a little spring color and enjoyed the warm rays of sun in there. 

I took my pretty pink and white china out of the cupboard in there and had a lovely cup of tea.
Those poor little tulips are on their last days but they are a couple of weeks old so it is time for a fresh bouquet.

I love this dainty creamer.

This hyacinth gives of such a sweet fragrance and reminds me of spring.
Don't they look pretty in this cloche?

The pink and white flowered teacup belonged to my husband's aunt. so it is a little reminder of the good times we had with her. The other teacup is one I found at a thrift shop and I love it too.

Usually I am asked about the dark pink teacup when I show it so this is the markings on the bottom.

I do love making collages- maybe you noticed!

Well Happy Pink Saturday and I hope you have enjoyed visiting other participants at How Sweet the Sound. Thank you Beverly for hosting!

Enjoy your weekend,



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