70 Mile Yard Sale Treasures

                                                                          Hello everyone,
                               I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. I had fun going on my annual treasure hunt at the 70 mile yard sale on the eastern end of the Island. I came home with a car load of 'junk' so here are just a few of my finds. The Royal Minton Grimwades tea cup above was $3 and the old pitcher was $2.
                                     The Royal Dalton country rose teacup was also $3.
                                         This Skye McKhee covered dish was $5. and I have a few other pieces of this pretty pattern.
Some pretty curtain panels and some very old handmade lace and linens.

                                             A new basket filled with odds and ends.The jars were only $1 each and the plate was $3
                                                            Cute little teapot for $1.
                              Another cute teapot for $1. I also wanted to show you the lupins and the wild aster blooming along our road. Seems like a mix of spring and fall flowers blooming together.Lupins will sometimes put on a bit of a second show.
                                                       I love these two little teapots.

 The rain held off pretty good for the sale although I think some places had showers here and there. There were so many places that I didn't get to and the sale does last all weekend but we were back home by noon with our loot.I love all the unique treasures you can find on this weekend.
  I will show you more later this week when I get some photos of them.
  On a different note I was really excited to be part of a feature in the Saltscapes magazine that is out on the newstands now. I was especially happy to have been hired to take the photos of the other two lovely gardens(on the right) featured in the magazine. It was my very first paid photo shoot. We also enjoyed a lovely visit with the gardeners as they came for a tour of our garden a few weeks later and a spot of tea.
                                  Another lovely treat was a copy of this beautiful Tasha Tudor book was sent to me by              a lovely couple from Japan who came to visit us one sunny summer day.
I have always been a Tasha Tudor fan and I love all the beautiful photos in this book taken by photographer Richard Brown. I will enjoy this book many times over and thank you so much to Yukiko for sending this to me.

Hope your first week of Autumn (Spring for some of you) is off to a great start.

Take care,


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