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: : I wanted to share some design inspiration from my recent trip to Copenhagen. While at home for vacation in Sweden, I decided to make the trip across the bridge from malmö to copenhagen with my best friend .tina. We spent 3 days strolling (it was more like running, since we had so many places we wanted to make it to) around the city, it was absolutely amazing! I returned from vacation, full of inspiration.

In the next few posts I'll share a few highlights from the trip. Starting out with .the hay store., one of the most beautiful stores in Copenhagen. Both Tina & I are addicted to their products. Hay started as a furniture collective launched in 2003. Today they work with some of the worlds most leading edge designers creating furniture and accessories for the home. " Hay's ambition is to encourage Danish Furniture design's return to the innnovative greatness of the 1950's and 60's but in a contemporary context."

My favorite Hay product at the moment is .clara von zweigbergks. colorful kaleido trays.


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