September Light

                                                     Happy weekend!
                  It is hard to believe it is already September and today we have a Fall tinge to the air.

                                  I do love the warm glow of September light.
             The warm sunny glow made me pause and grab my camera.

  Some of you may remember this room had a makeover a few years ago. We call it our library and it is a good place to enjoy  a book especially if the wood fireplace is going to add ambiance. But it also serves as a diningroom as we can easily add a long table in here when we need to.
                             A bouquet of dried hydrangeas from the garden.

    Well ,Happy September to you!
I am joining The Polo House for Your Favorite Room party today and also The Rose Garden in Malevik in Malevik for Show -Off Saturday.

   See you soon,


p.s. Thanks for visiting!


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