Late Summer Garden

                                                                 Hello everyone,
        Well with summer almost over for another year I thought I would show you what the garden looks like now. It has a faded beauty now but if you don't look too close it still looks pretty good I think.
  It is the hydrangeas that are giving me the enjoyment now but the phlox is still adding color.
                            The virginia creeper will soon turn red and then lose it's leaves for another year.

 The virginia creeper on the house has run a bit rampant but still I love it.
 We have had a lot of rain in the past few weeks so the grass is lush and green again.

                                                      The Gardener's Cottage
                                                                 Our pond.
                                     A cute little bumble bee in our garden.

            And here's looking at you!!!  Oh,Noah you make me laugh.

                    I am joining My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday.

                 Thank you for visiting,




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