Favorite Color Combinations in the Garden

                                                              Hello everyone,

                                 It is staying cold here but things are slowly popping up in the garden. April is probably my least favorite month here on the Island as far as beauty goes. It is usually a month of brown  mud and patches of dirty snow and barren trees~ not a month I would recommend to come and visit our dear little Island! However, the good part is there is the promise of good things starting to happen in the garden and  more heat in the sun along with longer days and the return of lots of birds to the garden.So, I think I already mentioned that I am a little staved for color lately. In light of that,I have gone through some of my garden photos looking for some favorite color combinations.
                              It will probably be obvious that purples,whites and shades of pink are one of my favorite color combo's.
                                Oophs! not really a color combo but one of my favorite colors and plants a deep rosy pink peony.
                                          Roses, monkshood,mockorange and hydrangea.
                                 I love the tall stately beauty of delphiniums in all the colors but I think this is my favorite with the beautiful purple clematis in the background.
                                                Roses and clematis are a perfect pair.
                            Love these colors together also. This poppy is so beautiful with the veronica and peony in the background.
                                   This wine red rose with the pink rose look very pretty together.
                                                  What could be sweeter then a mauve bellflower(pitchard's variety) and the delphiniums in the background.
                                               I even enjoy some yellow(preferably pale) in the garden with the blues and purples.
                                                    I think this is one of my very favorite combo's.

                  In August we have lots of varieties of phlox but soft mauve with purple is very pretty.
                                Love the combination of light pink and rose geraniums in planters or window boxes.
                                      Even enjoy this splash of color in the late August hillside garden.
                              In spring I am just happy to see any color and the brighter and bolder the better!

                  Although I am not so much a fan of bright yellows and oranges in our summer garden-I do love this combo in spring and can't wait to see it again!
  The last couple of years we headed south for a couple of weeks in April but alas not this year so I will just have to be patient for awhile(please,let it be soon) and know that all this color is just ahead for us. In the mean time I have lots of projects to keep me busy-what about you ,is your garden already blooming or are you like me and longing for it's return?

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