Painted Muslin Window Panels

How do you get six window panels for $45?
If you have an idea of exactly what you want for your windows
and a little time to create will be happy you did.

My friend Kristie and I started a little makeover on her family room.
(she is a super busy mom with three boys - she doesn't have a lot of time -
so I am helping her)
We bought 9 yards of muslin that was about 100 inches wide ($5 per yard with our coupon). Folded the fabric into 3 equal parts and snipped them with scissors at each end. Then ripped them apart. Folded each third in half lengthwise - snipped and ripped them again to make (6) 108 inch long panels.
Neither one of us wanted to sew.
After folding the fabric in half lengthwise again, Kristie used Stitch Witchery and her iron to "faux sew" the top, bottom and one long side of each panel.  I stepped in to help her paint the black and white stripes that she had been imagining for her fun and colorful family room.
We folded the tops down 7 1/2 inches and ironed them for a little top valance. From that fold we measured 13 inches down and taped off a straight line across. Each black stripe measures 18 inches. (2 stripes per panel)
I hung them 10 inches above the window molding.
I chose the rod finials - the large window is a little more decorative than the other two - no reason. I just like it.
Luckily, all the stripes lined up and look great!
But don't expect 'perfection' when you use paint on fabric. We found a few areas that are 'wavy' or 'smudged'. When they are all hanging up - they look perfect.
Six window panels for $45!
Just what Kristie wanted.
And since the black paint was out...
This makeover isn't over yet.
Fireplace redo, wall decor and pillow embellishments coming soon.

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