Spring Cleaning

                                                                    Hello everyone,
                                 Hope you are having a good week. I am still doing my spring cleaning here and garden season has arrived also~ so I have been a bit lax here on my blog lately.
A couple of days ago, I gave our little upstair sunroom a cleaning and when it was done I had to take a few shots of it.
         It was a beautiful sunny day so it was quite enjoyable to do some tidying and cleaning in there. My daughter gave me back a little crib quilt that I had bought for her a few years ago so I thought it would add some charm to the sunroom table.

                            I keep my pink and white china in the old cupboard on the wall in the sun room.
                                       My geraniums from last year are blooming now.
                               A sunny corner with a book for you to read~ unless you would like to help me finish my spring cleaning!
                                                  Our little sunroom is off our bath.
 And our bath is off our bedroom , yesterday I finished spring cleaning them-yea!
I have had moments of thinking a little one bedroom cottage by the sea would be so much easier to clean,but  I must forge ahead and soon I will have a clean house from top to bottom - Then I can get out to the garden and enjoy the warm sunshine!
  We have  our first visitors from Japan coming in about four weeks and have several tours already booked from then until Oct. It is looking like a good year!

Thank you for visiting,


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