Longing for Color

                                                       Hello everyone,
                        I hope you enjoyed a lovely Easter -we did as well. Today we welcome in the month of April already with all it's promise. We all know the saying April showers bring May flowers and so today true to form, showers are in the forecast for us . After a long winter (one that seems to want to hang on) I am longing for color in the garden...you too I am sure!

           We still have some snow here and lots of brown but it will make the colors of spring all the more joyous!

                                                       Can't wait!!!

                                               Rosy pinks and plums
                                                       Love our iris!
                                           Lupins,iris and hardy geranium.
                                I  look forward to lilac season every year.
                      I am noticing more bird songs in our garden- a very welcome sound!
What about you are you longing for color too?

Soon all the colors of spring and summer will be bursting upon us! In the mean time there is lots to do to get ready to enjoy it all.

Have a good day and thank you for all your kind words and good wishes.



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