A Different Look

Hello everyone,
      It is a beautiful sunny but cooler day here today and so we are happy to have most of the outdoor chores done for the winter. Yesterday,I filled the window boxes with greenery for the season but I still have a few urns and planters to do as well as the arbors.I think we are getting some snow tomorrow so it is time to finish up.
 Anyway,at the risk of boring you , I have a few more pics of the cottage with a little different look as my camera is broke so that is all the new pics I have. I am hoping for a big sale on cameras this weekend even though we live in Canada we can still take advantage of Black Friday sales via the internet.
On my marathon cottage decorating day this was one of the looks for the cottage.
As you probably know I love red and white toile so this quilt was meant for me!
The great thing about white is that you can easily change the look with a few accessories.

This toile chair cover came from the same thrift shop as the quilt.
Would you like to sit for awhile and do some knitting?
Or maybe lounge in bed with a cup of tea?
I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Take care,


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