A Walk in the Park

Hello everyone,
      It was a beautiful day here today and I enjoyed having lunch outside in the garden with a good friend today. It is such a treat to still enjoy being out in the sunshine with some hot soup,scones and a cup of tea, cozy  in a warm sweater.
   On Saturday I had a walk in the park with Noah and Lila(our grandchildren) and took a few pics along the way.
Noah is enjoying kindergarten this year. How quickly the time goes by!
Lila reminds me of her Mama at that age.
I love the fallen leaves and the sunlight peeking through the trees as Noah and Lila enjoy their walk in the park.

The photo above is the fall color in our garden a few days ago./

I have been doing some necessary fall housecleaning lately and getting the last of our outdoor chores done before the cold weather sets in so I haven't had time to take a lot of photos but hopefully one day soon I will get more creative!
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