Festive Whites

Hello everyone,
      I am back with a few little touches of festive whites that I have been putting around our home to get it ready for the holidays.I am using my son's point and shoot camera for these pics but the good news is I have a new camera on the way and I can't wait to get it!
  I added some greenery from around the garden to an old chamber set that my father gave to me years ago.I love the little feather trees too

A little church from TJMAXX.

A music box that my daughter gave to me.
A heavy cement cherub sits on our banister. I have added greenery and lights to it and a candle for the cherub to hold-but only for the picture for safety reasons.

You might have noticed that I love angels.
This is a wooden angel that also came from TJMAXX.

Just a peek at some of the little festive touches that are appearing around our home for the holiday season.

It is so mild here that you would not think that it is almost December. The snow that we had last week is long gone and when I step at onto the balcony at night to see the stars you could be fooled into thinking it is spring!

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