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: : if you are reading this, THANK YOU, I know I have been missing lately. I'm happy to see you back here. I wanted to share some photos from our home, these photos from our bedroom are from warmer and sunnier days. the wedding tree was a wedding gift, handpainted by my bestfriend .tina. and her husband. it's the best and most beautiful wedding gift, it reminds us of our day and all our friends and family who shared it with us.

there's in fact a funny story about the tree. I had had the same idea as .tina. and had printed a tree and brought to Sweden, when .tina. saw it she said "anna, why do you always have to be doing everything yourself?". But of course, her handdrawn tree was much more beautiful than my printed one, and it fits so perfectly with the colors in our bedroom.

the oil painting is by my grandpa and the gold flower by me. the framed photos are from my favorite places, rockport beach and our summer house.


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