Cute Burlap Wreaths.....

I always have lots of burlap around so this didn't cost me much.  Just the hay wreath for about $3.00.
This can be done with any type of fabric really....
I keep wanting to try a white fleece... how cute would that be?
What you need:

Hot Glue Gun
2 Yards of Burlap (approx.)

- Wrap a 3 inch wide x 60 inch long strip of burlap around your wreath and glue into place.

- Cut burlap into 3 1/2 inch squares - lots and lots of them.....

(I use my fiskars circular cutter to slice the squares - it's much faster than scissors)

 Fold the squares around the end of a pen and then apply hot glue to the wrapped end. 

Glue the burlap squares all over the wreath so it is really nice and full.
(on this one I used two colors)

should look something like this...

On the back I string some frame wire into the fabric and twist it into a circle for easy hanging.

 These sweet wreaths are cute for Christmas but they can be displayed all year through.

You may like my Muslin Rag Wreath also - click on the photo to see instructions.

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