A Christmas Tour of Fanningbank

Hello everyone,
     Today Fanningbank,the home of our lieutenant governor was open to the public for a tour as it is decked out in all it's Christmas finery.I was pleasantly surprised that I was allowed to take photographs to share with you. So let's have a look.
  I loved the wood fireplaces as they added so much to the ambiance especially here by the huge tree.Wouldn't you love to sit here for awhile.
Isn't this magnificent!!!
Love how the tree is reflected in the mirror.
Remembering the reason for the season.
Another beautiful fireplace.There are lots of beautiful paintings and antiques.
Every mantle was decorated so beautifully too.

This fireplace is in the large foyer.

Beautiful arrangements. I didn't use a flash so the color is off.
The large dining room all set for dinner. I am on the garden committee and this is the room where we have our meetings.Unfortunately,my husband and I had to decline dinner here on Saturday night with the other committee members because we are on the house tour that night but hopefully next year!

Sorry for the poor quality of these pics.
Tea anyone?

They have a room decorated for children too.
This is the outside -too bad no snow yet!

I hope you enjoyed coming along on the tour-I know I enjoyed it!

Take care,


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