Cute "free" Winter Decor

I had rescued some old windows and wood pallets a couple of weeks ago.
I had them all laying against my garage door in the front driveway.

One day I saw a new piece that I didn't recognize:
After a few days I decided that somebody wanted to add to my collection of junk.

So.... I put it to good use.  Here's what I did with it.

I washed a bit of white paint over it very sloppily quickly.
Grabbed a jam jar, sugar and a candle, a twig from my tree out front, an old book, a chippy white frame, twine and a topiary that needed a new place to stay for the season etc.....

Nailed in an Iron Accent to dress it up.

It makes for a cute shelf in my office...

Here is another table decorated with winter accessories.

The only thing I bought were the scented pine cones.  They make my foyer smell nice and

FREE and PRETTY ....that's perfect!

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