The Rest of our Kitchen

Hello everyone,
       How quickly the month is slipping by! I am sure you are all busy getting shopping,baking and decorating done. I am looking forward to a Christmas baking day soon but I do have my decorating done-one of the perks of being on a house tour!
  Anyway,I shared the dining part of our kitchen a few days ago but I thought you might like to see the rest of the kitchen.Although our home is 95 years old the kitchen was redone about six years ago.
 The cupboards were built by Joe Mitchell , a local cabinet maker and I am very happy with them. They are a creamy white with a glaze over them - very easy to care for.
I like having some touches of red to tie the cupboard area in with the dining area.
These are the original floors. The stove is built into the island.

The dining area for those who missed that post.
Well,now you have seen the rest of the kitchen so the family room will be next.

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