Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!
I am looking forward to our pond freezing hard enough to actually go skating on it soon.Although,I must confess it is a long time since I actually went skating.I was joking with a friend yesterday that I might need to borrow a walker to push on the ice for awhile first to get my confidence back before doing a  fancy pirouette!
We lost most of our Christmas snow but still have a little.It is going to rain for a couple of days though.
I will share my hot white chocolate with you-it is a yummy treat on a winter day.

Whenever,I saw this mug at the thrift shop,I knew it would look pretty in this setting.
The pretty red pillow and blanket also were thrift shop finds. The chair and the old wire basket were roadside finds that I had to rescue.
Grap a pair of cozy hand knit mitts to keep your hands warm and enjoy the fresh air.It will put some pink roses on your cheeks and make you feel better too!

Thank you to all who have stopped in to visit,left sweet comments or sent me lovely emails throughout the past year-you encourage me to keep trying to bring a little pleasure to all of you who take time out of your busy day to visit. I wish you all peace,hope,love and joy in this New Year of 2012!

I am joining Hakan for his New Year's Party at Rose Garden in Malevik today.



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