A White Christmas

Hello everyone,
      I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I was so happy to have some snow arrive a couple of days before Christmas as it had been so mild and I was resigning myself to a green one.It was Christmas card perfect!
Come along and I will show you some of the beautiful sights!

Beaconsfield(a museum) is open to the public for tours and it is decorated in the Victorian style.

and now back home.

It was a beautiful gift from above just in time for Christmas!

We had a lovely Christmas with all of our children and grandchildren gathered around our table for our traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings-a blessing indeed! Last night we had five of our little grandchildren(6 years and under) for a sleepover with a night coming soon for the 3 older ones.Little Lila was not feeling well so she didn't stay the night this time.It is so much fun to see them having such a good time together.
  On a different note I got a new lens for my camera so now I am off to practice on this beautiful bright winter day!
  Thank you to all who left such lovely kind wishes for me this Christmas season. I had hoped to be able to get back to you all personally but time slips by too fast.

Thank you for visiting me today.



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