Autumn Beauty


            I hope you are all enjoying these lovely Autumn days.   I have some Autumn beauty again, to share with you.  The house above is one I love in Charlottetown and it looks especially pretty in Autumn.
                                This is Beaconsfield in Charlottetown as well. At one time it was a nurse's residence but now it is a museum that is open to the public.
       A drive through the country one day last week made it hard to resist taking a few shots of some rual beauty.
                                                       Some Autumn vignettes from around home.
             The sun peaked out for awhile this afternoon so I captured a few shots in the garden.
             The virginia creeper is so pretty this year as we haven't had a really hard frost yet.
                                               These two cuties came down  for some Autumn shots on the weekend.

                                                        Love these colors!
        I am hoping this lovely Fall weather holds for awhile yet as we still have some outdoor projects to finish before the cold weather sets in.

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