Modern Light Fixture Goes Shabby

I don't mind our breakfast nook light fixture but I wanted to add some of my own style in our dining area without switching out the whole light.
I brought my Raggy Burlap Lampshades along with me from my home in CT.
I decided to go ahead and use them while we are living here.

I removed the glass, dusted and added some white and silver garland that I purchased at The Nosey Goose.
Then topped it with my shades.

Each bulb (4) is 25 watts - plenty of light for dining.
Burlap overload...I know. This natural texture makes me like the blue walls
and cherry cabinets a lot better. A little rustic element.
Later I will post about those floors - I applied laminate wood floors
over vinyl in our rental home.
Pretty & Shabby


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