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                                                                      Hello everyone,
                              Last night we had a frost warning and although we didn't actually get frost we                       know the time is nigh. So,I am bringing in my annuals to winter over indoors.
                             So, my geraniums are back in the bay window of our kitchen where I can enjoy them every day.
             My little ivy has found a new home indoors too.

                              The rst of the bay with the chaise- a good spot to sit and watch the birds at the feeder or view the garden.

                   My indoor garden will be expanding over the next few days but now lets go outdoors and have a look around.
  The leaves are starting to fall from some of the trees while many are still green.
  As I stepped outdoors I saw the sun was peeking under the umbrella. The sumac in the background have been red for awhile now.
           As the sun was going down there was a beautiful reflection on the pond.
 Just a little glimpse of some indoor and outdoor garden images that I took here today.

        Thank you for visiting and welcome to my new followers. Thank you also for the lovely comments-I am sorry that I don't always get back to you like I should but hopefully when the garden is at rest I will have more time.

Take care,


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