Back In Black

I am a huge fan of black. Even my wedding was black, white and natural khaki - almost 20 years ago.
 My first sofa set was black.

My dishes and sheets were all black and white in the 90's.
So it is no surprise that a few things turned black around my house this week.
I will start here in the foyer with my table and mirror....
Notice how I hid the electrical outlet and lamp cords?
I can peak through that old window and see a large metal wall art piece-
not lamp cords.
Here you can see the front door handle set, garage door knob and the back door.
All, of which, got a black coat of paint.
Here's how:
I also spray on a final coat of acrylic clear spray to seal the paint.
And when I close the front door....
So much more updated and a lot more dramatic.
The front screen door is so useful.
I love having it for my kids who don't close doors....
even though it doesn't add a lot of character.
See the brass toe kick and handle?
Much better!
It looks great from the road, too. We have black shutters on the house to match. I gave the white trim around the door and side lights a nice fresh coat of bright white paint which makes a clean contrast with the new black door.
It looks so fresh.
When a dark, rich color is added to a room - the lighter colors and accents stand out that much brighter.

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