Burlap Window Panels {No Sew ~ No Iron}

Want a simple and inexpensive way to bring fall texture into your home?
Buy a roll or two of this garden burlap at your local hardware store for around $13.
It comes in 36" wide by 24 ft. long....WOW - that is cheap.
(I bought mine at Home Depot, the Lowe's brand was too thin on the edges)
You will only need scissors for this project - no patience required!
Unwrap your burlap. The ends can be jagged so find a string that goes all the way across. Snip with your scissors at that point (see below pictures). Pull that string out then cut along that line.
Fold it at 10 inches down and clip to your window rod.
At the bottom - let the fabric touch your floor and snip an end at
the length you want them.
Pull out the string at your snipped spot to get a line to guide your scissors along.
Cut along your line and fray if you like.
Then in the kitchen...
I made this valance above my sink in about 5 minutes.
(I should have named my blog - DIY in 5 minutes or Bust)
I added extra rod clips on the overhang for interest.
If I weren't so lazy busy, I would iron on some pretty ribbon instead.
To see the rest of this room Click Here
No Ironing Necessary...
Easy Peezy - Earthy - Natural!

To switch back to Spring/Summer Style - Go Here for White and Flowy


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