A Country Drive

                                                      Hello everyone,

       In the winter I enjoy going for a drive through the countryside to enjoy the beauty of winter in some of my favorite little villages or country roads.
  This  is a beautiful historic Inn called the Barachois Inn and I always love to take a drive by in summer or winter. It is beautiful at night this time of year as it has candles burning in every window.
     I was wishing I had this big guy on video as he bowed to me  a couple of time and then reared up in the air to put on a show for me.

                                             A unique garden bench caught my eye.
                                                  And a forlorn old barn.
                                     We have beautiful woodland trials to walk all over the Island.They are the old railways tracks.We no longer have trains on the Island although I can remember going on them years ago.
                                          I have always loved horses.

                                        This is someone's beautiful driveway.
                                      An old schoolhouse turned into a pottery shop.
                               This beautiful big house is overlooking the ocean.

            Looks a little cold for a swim but in the summer our beautiful beaches are a popular spot to be.
       This beautiful farm overlooks the water as well-although it is ice now.
                        Another old barn-can you tell I grew up on a farm.When I was little I followed my Dad everywhere on the farm and used to tell him I was going to marry a farmer and have 10 kiddo's. Well, we have a barn , we used to have chicken's and we had seven kiddo's -close enough!Ha!Ha!
                I could have got a better shot on the other side of the lighthouse but it was cold and I was lazy!
                                     Another pretty heritage farm home turned into a B&B.
           The old fishing shacks in the village of Rustico.
                                         Cows getting their fresh air.
                                               The New Glasgow Inn.

  And back to our own community -a neighbours barn. I love the snow on the fence.

 Thought you might like to see a summer shot of this quaint little fishing village.

Thank you for coming along on my winter drive and if you would like to see Rustico in summer click here.

Hope you have a good day!


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