Soft & Pretty Collages

                                                              Hello everyone,
        We are having some very cold weather here right now so I stayed close to the fireside all day.After baking some scones and buttermilk biscuits to go with our homemade veggie soup I spent some time on photo shop trying to learn a few new things.
                           I didn't take time to take any new photos today, so I hope you don't mind seeing some of my collages from the past..
                     I have a few thousand collages stored on my computer with an external hard drive. A few weeks ago thousands of my photos started being deleted overnight on my computer.  It was a very sickening feeling to see them disappear.
  Lucky for me I have a son in law who is very knowledgeable on these things . It turned out my external hard drive was fried but he was able to retrieve the photos somehow and put them on a new external hard drive.
       He has also backed up a copy for me on his computer so that if mine should fail again I can have them restored again. I mention this as a reminder to make sure you back up your photos regularly so that you won't lose your pics in case of a computer failure.
                                                        Clematis and teacups
                                                    Soft and pretty.
                               This was one of my favorite still life photo shoots last year.
                                                The cutest little wellies ever!
                                                 Pretty pastel tea cups.
                                                  Love these little fairies!
 Well, if you are having a cold snap like us here on Prince Edward Island , I hope you can stay warm and cosy indoors. Hopefully our garden has enough of a snow cover to survive these temperatures.I know most of our plants are hardy to these temps but it is always tempting to try a few less hardy roses etc. on the chance we have a mild winter, like the past couple have been.
You southerners would shiver at our late fall temperatures let alone winter! We are a hardy bunch here though and just dress warm and carry on!!!

Thank you for your visit,


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