Fixing a Paint Project Flop....

My front door handle was a bright brass when we moved in.

 This post shows how I painted it black.
That was just over two months ago and here is what happened to this heavily used door handle.
Chipped paint!
The original lacquer was chipped when I painted the black over it so I am not sure if that is why the finish didn't last. But I fixed it. Here's how:
Re-sand, Apply BIN (the best primer ever) and Re-Paint.
Bin also comes in a spray. I chose to paint it on with a sponge brush.
I also used a semi-gloss finish rather than flat because it might be a little bit more durable. And...since the interior side of the door is black I painted the exterior side to match.
It looks much  better.
I reprinted the house numbers on vinyl with my Cricut.
My Cricut is the Create version - the very bottom line -nothing fancy. The font I used here is from Storybook. The "N" is printed on the
"fancy corner" setting.
The storm door was painted from white to black and
it is holding up great.
The wreath on the storm door is hung with a plastic suction hook and when the interior door is closed the little white frame sits just behind it for a little added accent.
The doors match the shutters on the house and it looks sharp with white trim and accents. I will keep a close eye on this door handle and let you know if the paint flops again. BIN primer is an amazing undercoat (sticks to tile and mirrors too) so I am sure that will do the trick. I should have used that to begin with. Learn and share :)
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