Wreaths....lots of them

I have lots of wreaths .....
Just on my main floor there are - let's count together -
1 my office (Target Christmas item for 70% off)

2 living room 
(bay leaf wreath from Target many years ago - paid full price - worth it)
3 inside of the front door in the foyer
(thrift store wreath for $1)
4 living room - again (craft store - maybe 12.99)
5 inside the homemade star on our breakfast nook window
(thrift store for $1)
There are actually 7 in this scene - one is hidden
2 on each post, one on the door and one on each twig planter makes 12.
While we were getting ready to move here - my boy, Ben asked "Are we hoarders?" (maybe).
(we did get snow! -YAY!)
This one is made of natural boxwood. It is drying out.
I got it from a local nursery for $19.99
That makes for one dozen wreaths before you reach my kitchen....
What does that say about me? I could try to psycho-analyze that but the real reason is because I don't have a basement wall to store them on here at our rental home. They won't survive garage storage - not many things do.
(bikes, tools paint over-spray etc.)
Here are some beautiful wreaths on Pinterest from my wreath pin board - which you are welcome to hop on and follow.
heart wreath by white lace cottage...super cute
Made with Raffia - do this for fall.
barbed wire fall wreath by Funky Junk Interiors
More from my blog...
Oh....and to make my wreath count a "baker's dozen"...
My Foyer looks like this right now.
(I even have some wreaths stacked on my armoire in the office - oh my!)
This is hard to believe but I hated wreaths when I bought my first house (wish I had a picture - minimalist modern - black and white) and refused to put one on my door. That was way too country for me (wreath styles have come a long way since 1996). We used to make fun of (in a nice way) my "mans man" brother-in-law because he called them reefs. Like a coral reef? He hunts and puts dead stuffed birds on his wall - What would he know about quaint twiggy wreaths? Just a silly memory.
How many do you have?
side note - I have had a sinus infection, flu or cold all month....Mazi has enjoyed sitting on my lap and blogging with me.
She LOVES coffee!!!
We are bonding and she is getting sweeter day by day. I love her. I wanted a lap dog and I got one.

Happy Weekend....go hang up a wreath or two....or thirteen!

view how my Muslin Rag Wreath was made HERE

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