Painting a Diamond Pattern

I am going to show you how I paint a diamond pattern.
I am using part of a shipping crate.

I like this saying and this is a good piece to put it on.
let the paint dry
Now for the Diamonds!
1 - Measure the height then divide that number by how many diamonds you want.
 example: 22 inches high divided by 2 diamonds = 11 inches
2 - Measure the width then divide that number by how many diamonds you want.
example: 28 inches wide divided by 2 diamonds = 14 inches
3 - Find the center and mark it with pencil.
(I am using dots of white paint)
Divide your diamond numbers in half and measure & mark with a pencil and level or T square - making sort of a grid. Measure out your diamond from the center first and tape it off. I like the diamonds to end on a half diamond. Like this...
See the white diamonds?
I tape one diamond at a time by connecting dot to dot and paint.
This works great for a painted wood floor rug, too.
Once the paint is pretty dry - pull off the vinyl words.
This saying is for my family because they always complain about Mondays.
It sits in the window in my office right now but I am moving it up to the hallway by the bedrooms.
I have been wanting to paint something on this crate lid for a while now.
I am happy with it. Homemade art around the house is fun and personal.
Have a GOOD Monday...and everyday!

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