{Rustic Heart Mantel}

I started my morning with ambition to decorate for Valentine's Day.
(I usually just skip over that holiday decor and go for the heart shaped sugar cookies)
I had this one token heart to use.
The foyer is where it all began...

The "Back in Black" table needed something. So I distressed it.
Sand, Rub in stain... (I still use my old method that works - I haven't jumped on the chalk paint or milk paint & wax wagon - yet)
As the table dried I searched for a new wall piece and decided on my latest -
I was super lazy about getting all the nails out during this project and thought the nails might add some extra rough character. It did.
 Today when I took the piece off the piano it was pretty heavy. I don't like hanging heavy stuff. I took the back layer of wood off. I realized the nails might be easier to remove now.
Then I came up with a simpler solution!
I love my table saw....it just isn't always convenient to pull out to use quick, due to my garage space. Not so beautiful....
(I have to share with the boys - I'm keeping that in mind for the future house.)
Once the nailed ends were cut off it made the piece just about 3+ inches shorter
-no big deal.
I sanded the edges again and turned the thing over. Well....look at that?
The back looked pretty.  I am going to use it!
While the wood piece sat on the center of the table I used a level from the nail in the wall stud to the top of the wood. That is where I put the D rings (the blurry picture).
Two uses for one piece of junky wood. I am proud.
I just gathered the most "Valentine looking" items I had around the house and placed them all in one spot ... on the wood.
Lights, wreath with pink berries and a {LOVE} Christmas ornament.
The heart twinkle lights are from Target - $3. The wreath and metal heart are from
 The Nosey Goose.
I like the lighter wood and the distressed black on the foyer table.
Happy Valentine's Day decorating!

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