Our Kitchen

As I gathered pictures for my new page Tour My Other House, I realized I didn't have photos of our kitchen here at our rental home.

Our kitchen is one place I would love to take a hammer to and a whole bunch of paint (just because - that is what I do). But this place is temporary and I have to wait out the school year. I am searching  the area to see where we would like our new home to be. Big decision.
I have tried to make the space more my style with new laminate wood floors and some small details around. The floor was vinyl when we moved in (haven't seen vinyl flooring in a long time). I couldn't live with it - so not even two weeks after we moved in - we laid this wood from Sam's Club right over it.
The appliances are almond-ish. I thought about getting a new fridge but this one works. I just covered one side with a section of fence. The island was a freebie that I repainted. I also painted the pantry door and added the chalkboard. You can see that post here.
By hanging signs and wreaths from the cabinets with a thumb tack and twine - it brings in some personal touches to this space. Behind that SIMPLIFY sign is a huge security system monitor - an eye sore. The tote is filled with mail and junk and the greenery mostly hides all that. The tote also hides  phone / electrical cords.
I added some small white furniture pieces to the room to go with the white appliances.
I don't throw any bottles away so I store them above the cabinets. This house doesn't have a basement where I can "hoard" my stuff.
By storing things we use in cute baskets around - it makes the place look lived in and loved.
Wire baskets are my favorite.
Under the table I store games & homework/art project items.
You can see how I made the burlap window panels here.
We will eat healthier food if it is ready to eat and conveniently located right under our noses.
Well, that's our kitchen. It is what it is...
Happy Weekend!


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