A Gift from Japan,an Award and some Garden Visitors

It was a lovely sunny day here today but a cold wind kept it on the chilly side.However, today I want to share with you a gift from Japan.It is a beautiful hand embroidered sweater from a lovely lady Ms. Yano in Japan who is the director of Hanamomen Company that makes licenced Anne products. Ms.Yano has a Website http://www.anne-net.com/ that all you Anne of Green Gables fans should check out.

Now about the award, I received the sisterhood award on my sidebar last week from the lovely Lilly at http://www.misslilly-lillyb.blogspot.com/ I always enjoy my visits with Lily as her sweet personality comes though in her posts so I am honored to receive this Sisterhood award from her. Again I am passing this award on to all of you and the rules are posted on Lilly's blog so if you would like to pass it on go visit her and see the rules. Thank you again Lily for thinking of me.

Lastly, I am hoping someone can identify the little bird with yellow on his chest as I haven't seen him in our garden before .

Come back tomorrow and I will show you the smallest room in our house but one I really appreciate- the pantry!


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