Spring Bouquets and a Friendship Award!

We are getting freezing rain right now but it will hopefully turn to rain soon. School has been cancelled again but I was surprised to hear my grandson say he was "kind of" disappointed there was no school.
Last week I was honored with the friendship award posted on the right. I received this lovely award from the lovely LdyDy Loves Cake at Roses Cakes and Pearls. We have been getting to know each other over the past few weeks and as you all know that is the really great thing about blogging-being able to make friends with people all over the world.She has a very nice blog and if you don't already know her please go over and meet her.
Now, there are some rules I am supposed to follow on passing this sweet award on but as usual I am breaking the rules by passing this award on to all of you who visit me-I value all of you and want to thank all of you who have left such encouraging comments over the past several months.
So any of you who would like this award just grab it of my sidebar and pass it on to your friends.
Thank you again to LdyDy Loves Cake.
Just a few collages of my tulip bouquets that I enjoyed over the winter months while I wait somewhat impatiently for the spring flower show in our own garden!


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