Finally some Signs of Spring!

We finally had some beautiful sunny warmer(9 degrees Celsius) that had some serious melting going on so we enjoyed several nice long walks. the pussywillows are out -an early sign of spring!

Finally, our daffodils came out from under the snow already growing.

The mourning doves are often on this bare patch of lawn,pecking in the ground.Thankfully the bare patches are getting bigger!

This mourning dove was sunning himself all afternoon on this cement garden bench that a week ago was still buried in snow

The boardwalk in Charlottetown had lots of people out for a stroll along the harbour.

Lots of snow melting in ditches etc.

The birds are laying their eggs- just kidding.It is a real nest but candy eggs.

So soon we will be able to have breakfast here again.

And our garden tours will be starting up again-we already have tours from Japan booked starting in June.

Soon it will be picnic time again!

Or teatime.

And we will soon be living out here when we are not in the garden.

I am so glad that we have this promise of spring!

Have a great day!



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