Did I Say Spring???

Yesterday,after a couple of spring days it started to snow

And snow

Until our walkway had a couple of feet of the white fluffy stuff

Actually it wasn't that fluffy it was kind of heavy

our little cottage is banked with snow-there are daffodils up a couple of inches under all that snow!

The urns are weighed down with it.

The picket fence is almost covered in spots.

Th mock orange tree is bent over

Are you surprised at all that snow and it is almost April?

Do you see our terrace that I showed yesterday set for breakfast-um ,not for awhile!

The Korean Lilac standard looks pretty in snow.

I'm trying to think positive - so doesn't it look fresh and clean?

The old apple tree-so pretty!

Okay, enough already! I would complain but when I listen to the news with all the resession talk etc. I know I have much to be thankful for so isn't the snow beautiful? Warmer sunnier weather is in our forecast I promise.

If you are sick of my snow pictures I will leave you with a couple of collages.

I hope I have convinced you that snow in spring is indeed beautiful!

Take care,



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