My Humble Little Pantry!

It is as cold as a January day here today but at least it is sunny making it cheery indoors . Anyway it is much milder for the weekend so I will look forward to that.

Now I am going to show you my humble little pantry. It is the smallest room in the house at only 3ft. by 5ft. but I love how much I can store neatly inside it. Now,I would love if this little pantry of mine was like a lovely Amish pantry all filled up with canned preserves but alas that is not the case. We have already cleaned up on my homemade pickles and the only other preserves I made is blackberry jam, peach preserves, and rhubarb jam.

However,it is a great place for the microwave,my cookbooks,baking supplies,my aprons etc. and occasionally a favorite hiding spot for our little grandchildren playing hide and go seek!

So that is my humble pantry and now I wish you all a happy weekend!



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